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Use Cases

Assess Skill Interests Across Communities

The Problem

Gauging the skill interests of a large group is invaluable for crafting content strategies. Yet, traditional interview techniques, surveys, and questionnaires often suffer from low engagement due to their demand on participants’ time. Even with high response rates, the collected data quickly becomes outdated, necessitating frequent, repetitive data-gathering cycles.

For many organizations, maintaining such an intensive process isn’t viable. Even those with ample resources struggle with the lack of standardized data. This hampers alignment with established career pathways and peer benchmarking. Furthermore, converting this understanding of professional interests into tailored resources and opportunities is another cumbersome task. If mishandled, it can diminish the initial enthusiasm for participating in data collection efforts.

The solution

Skilltype offers a revolutionary approach to this challenge by engaging individuals with tools that serve their career management needs in return for updated data on their skill interests. By establishing a Skilltype profile, members unlock access to an expansive library of over 11,000 resources in the Skilltype Central Index. The sheer volume of information is a powerful motivator for members to keep their profiles current. Which ensures they receive personalized resource Recommendations weekly.

In addition to platform access, managers gain a real-time overview of their team’s interests, with the ability to analyze popularity and demand. This insight directs resource allocation and programming efforts more accurately, meeting members’ needs effectively. Skilltype’s data isn’t just accessible—it’s fully searchable and browsable. It can be exported into open formats for further analysis in tools like Excel, Tableau, or Microsoft PowerBI, streamlining the strategy development for any organization.

Furthermore, Skilltype’s Talent Audit transforms raw data into actionable insights, enabling leaders to not only assess skill interest but also to anticipate future trends and training needs. This predictive approach ensures that organizations stay ahead of the curve, nurturing a culture of continuous learning and development that is directly aligned with both current and emerging professional aspirations. With Skilltype, you’re not just responding to the now — you’re preparing for the ‘next’, all while fostering a deeply engaged and forward-thinking community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Skilltype’s talent platform uses real-time data to help information professionals and their teams identify, develop, and share expertise. The platform aggregates thousands of training resources, opportunities, and talent profiles of individuals, describing each with a controlled skills vocabulary to create a personalized career and organizational development experience.

Skilltype is used by library managers and their teams, along with communities, conference organizers, and vendors that train information professionals. Customers include libraries of all sizes ranging from 5 employees to 500 across North America, Europe, and Asia. Skilltype’s largest customers have thousands of data points being surfaced to help inform career pathways and organizational development strategy.

Skilltype indexes training resources and opportunities from over 100 conferences and training providers, enhances the records with our proprietary skills ontology, and delivers them to users through a personalized recommendation engine. We also partner with training providers who aim to grow and engage their communities using Skilltype’s tools.

Small libraries can be up and running in a day or two. Larger libraries may require more conversations and take up to a week or two. No implementation or professional services teams required. Just appoint a project manager to coordinate with our onboarding team on the timeline you set to roll it out across your organization.

Skilltype is priced on a per-employee basis. Most libraries sign annual or multi-year subscriptions, but we support shorter pilots for larger organizations with complex use cases. Skilltype also works with consortia to streamline your procurement process and offer discounts for Enterprise capabilities with additional features and premium support are available for organizations upon request. Contact us to get more details.

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