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Skilltype and Technology from Sage Release Librarian Skills Landscape Report

BATON ROUGE, LA – Skilltype and Technology from Sage have released new research, examining the librarian skills landscape. Moreover, the eagerly awaited third Librarian Futures Librarian Skills Landscape Report is available for download, offering fresh insights for academic libraries.

Charting the Course for the Future of Libraries

The second Librarian Futures report asked the question: How can academic libraries be more deeply involved in the undergraduate learning journey? This new Librarian Skills Landscape Report explores the emerging skills required to fulfill a library’s mission – in a decade shaped by social, political, and technological change – and meet the needs of today’s library patrons. Over 2,000 academic library professionals contributed global perspectives. From frontline librarians to library directors, their input ensures a representative set of insights for the report.

Key Insights Unveiled

The report uncovers significant findings:

  • Similarly, librarians and leaders of library organizations often select the same skills, considering many core information skills to be enduring and important.
  • Librarians are confident in serving patrons. Yet, less than half feel sure about advancing their careers.
  • Many librarians (37%) feel unprepared to answer patron questions on using generative AI in their studies.
  • Less than 20% of librarians feel that students appreciate their effort to learn new skills.
  • Librarian responses showed frequent engagement in upskilling. Many train monthly or more (37%). Others do so quarterly or biannually (47%). Yet, some engage only yearly or less (15%).
  • 46% of librarians feel there is insufficient budget for upskilling, additionally, 47% don’t feel there is sufficient time.

“Technology from Sage is proud to be a strategic investor in Skilltype, supporting their mission of building librarian skills for the future. I’m delighted that we could collaborate with Skilltype on this important report on librarian futures, helping Tony and his team share their unique insights on librarian skills – both where we are now, and what’s needed in the coming years.” 

Matthew Hayes, PhD, MD, Technology from Sage 

“Our aim with this collaboration is for information professionals and their teams gain new perspectives on the competencies they should be cultivating within their personal repertoires and their organizations. Librarians, and the new skills, competencies and responsibilities they will develop in the years ahead, are going to be pivotal to this. But it all starts with increased dialog, understanding where we are and where we want to go. I hope this report contributes to that dialog and inspires conversations in your library, amongst your peers, and within the wider library community.” 

Tony Zanders, Founder and CEO, Skilltype 

2023 Charleston Conference Session – Library Skills: A Moving Target

Skilltype and Technology from Sage will showcase these findings and more at the 2023 Charleston Conference on November 8th. Joined by leaders and innovators in the field, panelists will reflect on key insights from the report. As well as, their implications for the future of the profession.

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