Talent Management for Information Science

Skilltype is a talent marketplace for information professionals and their teams to manage learning and development all in one place.

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A talent marketplace centered on continuous learning 

See why information professionals and their teams trust Skilltype with their talent strategy

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Less looking, more learning

Save effort with personalized training recommendations from thousands of resources and opportunities from conference organizers, professional associations, and commercial vendors across the industry.


Understand people better

Save time by keeping a real-time pulse on what expertise people have, what expertise they want, and how their learning journeys align with strategic priorities.

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Unlock your community

Save budget by leveraging your consortial memberships to address expertise gaps within your organization in a secure and sustainable way.


A 21st Century Skills Experience

Core competency-based

We incorporated over a dozen industry core competency frameworks, along with other professional communities to create the most comprehensive expertise vocabulary in the GLAM sector


Training resources from the top training providers around the world, including conference organizers, professional associations, vendors, and more.


Users can share expertise data and learning activity with their organizations, creating a new data set to make informed talent decisions from.

Intuitive design

We partnered with university accessibility labs to become WCAG-compliant, along with catering to a mobile-first learning community.


What our customers are saying

“Skilltype will empower our team members to each assess and grow their skillsets. It will also assist us with making decisions with data about the strengths of each of those contributing to our work.”

“As we continue to navigate the complexities of the modern workplace, this flexible professional development tool is exactly what we need in our organization right now.”

“Skilltype will help members of our organization develop their talents while helping the library make more-informed decisions in meeting the ever-changing needs of our campus community.”

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