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Develop skills using data.

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What are customers saying?

Here’s what leaders say about how incorporating Skilltype into their organizational development

  • “We will leverage Skilltype to assess skill gaps and find ways to fill these gaps. We must make sure that our staff then have the opportunities to grow and learn along with the changing and developing nature of libraries.”
    Jeffry Archer Dean of Libraries
    Baylor University
  • “Skilltype’s innovative platform allows us to enrich our offering and provide opportunities for the ANZ library sector to develop the institution’s capability to deliver quality services for their patrons as well as the individual.”
    Jamie McCowan CEO
  • “Skilltype is invaluable for identifying resources and expertise. As libraries evolve to provide new services such as open education and digital literacy, Skilltype will connect us with the resources to succeed.”
    Laurie Blandino Executive Director
  • “Skilltype enables us to develop a systematic approach to continuous learning and the development of new capacities among our staff at a moment when we face expectations for enhanced skills in parallel with resource constraints.”
    Joe Lucia Dean of Libraries
    Temple University
  • “Partnering with Skilltype highlights our movement into the 21st century paradigm shift of managing professional development, as Skilltype is the consummate tool for libraries.”
    Jamar Rahming Director
    Wilmington Institute Library
  • “We see Skilltype as a critical piece of new and exciting training and development infrastructure, which will strategically augment and extend on our employee development program, ACE.”
    Steven Smith Dean of Libraries
    UT Knoxville
  • “Skilltype provides library employees the chance to showcase their skills and library leaders an opportunity to standardize skills data, identify expertise strengths and gaps, and create higher-performing teams.”
    Dr. K. Matthew Dames Edward H. Arnold Dean
    University of Notre Dame
  • “We have a saying, ‘Information is Everything.’ We live and breathe this adage and Skilltype helps us adhere to this by providing us real time information aggregated from existing library jobs and the corresponding core competencies and skills they require…”
    Dr. Anthony Chow Director
    SJSU School of Information
  • “As we advance our University’s strategic intent to create a 21st century library…Skilltype has developed an innovative platform to help us create personalized plans that will help us achieve our ambitions.”
    Keith Webster Dean of University Libraries
    Carnegie Mellon University
  • “We are excited to use Skilltype and apply our experiences with library resource sharing to now begin facilitating consortial collaboration for human resources and expertise sharing too.”
    Jill Morris Executive Director
  • “Amigos believes in the power of libraries working together and is committed to the growth and development of library staff. We are excited to engage with these seven libraries and with the Skilltype team to bring this innovative platform to our community.”
    Miguel Figueroa President and CEO
    AMIGOS Library Services

Explore Skilltype features

Introducing a modern toolkit to rethink talent management.

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Central Index

Global repository of over 11,000 trainings and events

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Training Lists

Customize and share training sequences on any topic

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Organize people into groups based on functions

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Create a real-time dashboard of your community’s skills and interests

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Talent Audit

Analyze your organization’s skill gaps in real-time

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Skills Ontology

Describe your organization with our standards-based ontology

Frequently Asked Questions

Skilltype’s talent platform uses real-time data to help information professionals and their teams identify, develop, and share expertise. The platform aggregates thousands of training resources, opportunities, and talent profiles of individuals, describing each with a controlled skills vocabulary to create a personalized career and organizational development experience.

Skilltype is used by library managers and their teams, along with communities, conference organizers, and vendors that train information professionals. Customers include libraries of all sizes ranging from 5 employees to 500 across North America, Europe, and Asia. Skilltype’s largest customers have thousands of data points being surfaced to help inform career pathways and organizational development strategy.

Skilltype indexes training resources and opportunities from over 100 conferences and training providers, enhances the records with our proprietary skills ontology, and delivers them to users through a personalized recommendation engine. We also partner with training providers who aim to grow and engage their communities using Skilltype’s tools.

Small libraries can be up and running in a day or two. Larger libraries may require more conversations and take up to a week or two. No implementation or professional services teams required. Just appoint a project manager to coordinate with our onboarding team on the timeline you set to roll it out across your organization.

Skilltype is priced on a per-employee basis. Most libraries sign annual or multi-year subscriptions, but we support shorter pilots for larger organizations with complex use cases. Skilltype also works with consortia to streamline your procurement process and offer discounts for Enterprise capabilities with additional features and premium support are available for organizations upon request. Contact us to get more details.

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