Stop guessing where you'll find your best talent.

Skilltype helps libraries reskill, recruit, or reorg at the right time on any budget.

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How it Works

The guesswork common to talent management in libraries is no longer sufficient. Skilltype for Teams offers a data-driven approach to making the right decisions for your local context.

Describe your needs using our proprietary skills vocabulary, cutting through the noise of local.
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Skilltype identifies your organization's skill gaps in real-time, allowing you to focus limited time and budget on addressing the most strategic areas.
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Skilltype creates personalized training plans for every employee from our growing repository of over 6,000 library trainings.
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Skilltype is a marketplace for training content. It brings together materials from different providers, and designs “reskilling workflows” for information professionals and their teams."

The Scholarly Kitchen
The Scholarly Kitchen


"Very provocative and timely"

Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)
Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)

"Skilltype is a platform that will assist with analyzing, developing and sharing expertise so that libraries and other information centers can make the most of their workforce."

The Serials Librarian
The Serials Librarian

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