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Talent Tools for Libraries

Save time with a modern toolkit to analyze, develop, and share expertise.

A Library Talent Marketplace

Skilltype offers tools for the library ecosystem to modernize talent management workflows.

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Personalize your career development
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Analyze and close your skill gaps
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Share expertise across member orgs
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Training Providers

Broaden and understand your audience

Funded by Leading Libraries

From 2018-2020, libraries from across the U.S. partnered with Skilltype to fund research and development. Access over two years of community conversations on our Vimeo channel.

  • Brandeis University Library
  • Gonzaga University Foley Library
  • Oberlin College Libraries
  • Wayne State University Library System
  • University of Rhode Island Libraries

  • UNC Chapel Hill Libraries
  • University of Cincinnati Libraries
  • Michigan State University Libraries
  • Tulane University Libraries

Skilltype for Individuals

Librarianship is evolving right before our eyes. Whether a library worker, manager, or even a service provider, Skilltype has developed free tools to keep each of us up to speed.

Access thousands of the library industry's training resources all in one place
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Set interests from library core competencies to receive relevant training recommendations
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Connect with the libraries, associations, and communities that matter to you
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A privacy-first experience

Watch Skilltype's CTO at NISO's Virtual Conference on Transforming Search describe how Skilltype approaches privacy, data ownership, and recommendation engines in compliance with regulations such as GDPR.

Skilltype for Teams

The guesswork common to talent management in libraries is no longer sufficient. Skilltype for Teams offers a data-driven approach to making the right decisions for your local context.

Create a single source of truth for the expertise your organization needs
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Analyze overlap of skills your organization has today against the skills your organization needs in the future
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Discover relevant training resources and opportunities available to you while measuring organizational progress
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Data-driven talent strategy

Hear our CEO and Dean of the Library at Gonzaga University at the ARL Library Assessment Conference, discussing Skilltype's unique approach to organizational development in libraries.

Skilltype for Networks

Libraries face more challenges finding getting the talent they need at the right time. Skilltype for Networks enables consortia to be talent brokers for member orgs by sharing expertise.

Keep up with the talent needs of your member organizations
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Quickly find people across member organizations with specific expertise
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Enable member libraries to collaborate on human resource sharing
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Human resource sharing

Learn how supporting library consortia was a part of Skilltype's original vision through a presentation hosted by Mike Roy (Middlebury College) and the Oberlin Group.

Skilltype for Training Providers

With the shift to online training, there is no shortage of competition for people's time and attention. Skilltype distributes content to the right people at the right time. 

Skilltype users come for training and development from every continent except Antarctica (for now)
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Increase the quantity and quality of your audience using Skilltype interests
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Understand more about where your users are from and what they need from you
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More distribution, more data

Learn why training providers such as ATLA, BCALA, CAVAL, OpenAthens, and others share training resources with Skilltype in a presentation at CNI on the future of library professional development.


Library-specific competencies


Library-specific trainings


Libraries using Skilltype