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Whether you’re a solo learner charting your own course or a team manager guiding your crew, “Lists” offers an enriched, adaptable, and interactive experience.

Turning your professional goals into manageable lists

Balancing a hectic work schedule with ongoing training can be overwhelming for library professionals. Many find it challenging to stay updated with the latest industry trends while juggling daily tasks. That’s why Skilltype offers a dynamic tool that acts like a playlist for your professional development journey. This curated approach means you can systematically progress through essential training modules, ensuring no critical topic is overlooked.

  • Users can effortlessly group content and share it with Training Management.
  • Order content to match unique learning objectives.
  • Create a tailored roadmap for skill acquisition.
  • Streamlines the process of queueing up future training opportunities.

Collaborative power

What makes Lists even more powerful is its collaborative element. This creates a cohesive learning environment where both individual employees and leadership can actively contribute to the Team’s educational advancement.

  • Team leaders can share with team members, enhancing team cohesion and consistent communication.
  • It helps guide and prioritize learning, focusing on the most pertinent and impactful skills or knowledge areas.
  • Aligns learning with organizational goals, ensuring that all training and development efforts are enhancing overall productivity and strategic direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skilltype’s talent platform uses real-time data to help information professionals and their teams identify, develop, and share expertise. The platform aggregates thousands of training resources, opportunities, and talent profiles of individuals, describing each with a controlled skills vocabulary to create a personalized career and organizational development experience.

Skilltype is used by library managers and their teams, along with communities, conference organizers, and vendors that train information professionals. Customers include libraries of all sizes ranging from 5 employees to 500 across North America, Europe, and Asia. Skilltype’s largest customers have thousands of data points being surfaced to help inform career pathways and organizational development strategy.

Skilltype indexes training resources and opportunities from over 100 conferences and training providers, enhances the records with our proprietary skills ontology, and delivers them to users through a personalized recommendation engine. We also partner with training providers who aim to grow and engage their communities using Skilltype’s tools.

Small libraries can be up and running in a day or two. Larger libraries may require more conversations and take up to a week or two. No implementation or professional services teams required. Just appoint a project manager to coordinate with our onboarding team on the timeline you set to roll it out across your organization.

Skilltype is priced on a per-employee basis. Most libraries sign annual or multi-year subscriptions, but we support shorter pilots for larger organizations with complex use cases. Skilltype also works with consortia to streamline your procurement process and offer discounts for Enterprise capabilities with additional features and premium support are available for organizations upon request. Contact us to get more details.

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