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What’s New in Skilltype: December 2023

Here’s what’s new in the latest release of Skilltype v1.38.


  • Introducing Skilltype Search 2.0!
    • Our revamped search tool now features advanced facet filtering, streamlining your ability to pinpoint precisely what you need.
    • Explore and discover relevant skills more effectively in our new search experience, now encompassing our entire skills and product ontology.

Updates for Everyone

An Upgraded Search Tool 

Skilltype’s Central Index, featuring an ever-expanding collection of training resources, events, and organizations, has surpassed 11,000 items. With daily additions enriching our extensive database, we recognized the need for an upgraded search tool. This enhancement is specifically designed to align with the sophisticated needs of information professionals, ensuring you can navigate our growing and complex index with ease and precision.

You’ll be able to easily find relevant training and events to build your skills through Skilltype’s new search, including skills such as artificial intelligence. 

The most significant enhancement to our search tool is the integration of advanced filtering and faceting capabilities. By incorporating facets for our skills and products vocabulary, we’ve streamlined the process of identifying the most relevant training resources and events. This targeted approach is designed to assist you in developing the skills necessary for your current role and adapting to the evolving landscape of our industry.

Furthermore, we’ve integrated Skilltype’s controlled vocabulary into the search tool, enabling swift and efficient access to relevant training and events. Now, you can easily explore the full range of topics on our feed pages, each richly populated with targeted content to enhance your learning and development experience.

For instance, if you’re interested in increasing your outreach skills and want to focus on students in particular, our enhanced search functionality allows you to search and filter for these precise criteria easily. This feature saves time with streamlined access to Skilltype’s training resources. 

Searching Skilltype for “Outreach” enables you to quickly identify training in video format with a focus on students.

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Here is what you can look forward to in the coming months

  • We’re redesigning the Home page where you currently find your personalized recommendations. In addition to recommended training, you’ll soon find insights that will help you explore new skills.  
  • We’ll continue improving and simplifying Skilltype’s navigation so you can actively take advantage of opportunities for reskilling and career development.
  • We’re currently in the exploration phase for a discussion groups feature. This will allow you to connect to opportunities, organizations, or other professionals like you. 
  • Contact with your suggestions or questions.  

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