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University of Kentucky Libraries Signs Multi-Year Agreement With Skilltype

LEXINGTON, KY – The University of Kentucky Libraries have entered into a multi-year agreement with Skilltype for talent management across their seven branch library system, marking the 17th member of the association of research libraries to adopt Skilltype since 2020.

Fulfilling the University of Kentucky Libraries 2021-2026 Vision

UK Libraries have an ongoing commitment to improving their services to their community as part of their aspirational vision laid out in their 2021-2026 Strategic Plan. These include fostering a learning organization that empowers, supports, and encourages individual and organizational growth and development. For this reason, The University of Kentucky Libraries has partnered with Skilltype to identify skill gaps and create personalized training plans for all staff.

Expanding Training & Development

The Skilltype platform enables the University of Kentucky Libraries and their employees to access thousands of on-demand trainings, presentations, and other professional development resources from trusted conferences, professional associations, and vendors. All staff members can begin developing expertise—whether working on campus or remotely, and regardless of rank or role—addressing long-standing DEI issues created by the traditional professional development model.

The partnership with Skilltype will significantly assist the growth and development of the collective experience and expertise of the University. This will allow them to further their mission to assist patrons’ exploration of their incredible collections, discover their wide-ranging resources and services, create innovative new knowledge, and forge long-lasting connections with peers, mentors, and collaborators. 

“Helping University of Kentucky Libraries meet their strategic objectives is a privilege for our company,” comments Tony Zanders, founder and CEO of Skilltype. “With three years remaining in their current strategic plan, we are excited to help them measure their organizational development with the same analytical rigor used to manage their collection development.”

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