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Skilltype for Teams analyzes your library's in-house expertise to create a data-driven talent management operation.

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Inform talent management with data

expertise dashboard
View your organization's skills, expertise, product experience demographics, and learning activity on a single dashboard
query engine
Run queries against any combination of data you need to assess current and future roles
smart recommendations
Build a case for developing in-house talent or recruiting from outside in a matter of minutes

Build an organizational profile

tell your story
Help staff understand what makes your organization unique, and how they fit into bringing your story to life
product experts
Identify in-house product experts along with staff who need to strengthen product knowledge
strategic plan alignment
Measure strategic plan alignment against staff expertise, and benchmark against peer institutions

Empower supervisors with data and tools

Assign roles to your members to give managers insight into their unit's expertise and learning data
team reports
Automated reports for managers on their team's expertise developments, learning activity and more
custom career pathways
Design career pathways for direct reports by recommending resources and opportunities in line with organizational goals

Develop a talent pool

Receive data from people outside of our organization who want to follow your organization for potential opportunities
Talent scenarios
Visually model what it looks like for candidates to join your organization prior to starting a dialog
preview opportunities
Measure supply of skills and interest in an opportunity before triggering a formal HR process

Leverage your networks

consortial memberships
Choose which organizations you share data with, and what data you share with each.

Learn about Skilltype for Networks here.
audience targeting
Connect with organizations while maintaining control over your Skilltype experience, even after your tenure ends
exchange expertise
Control which parts of your data and activity are hidden from others, private to certain groups, or shared with the public
Skilltype will empower our team members to each assess and grow their skillsets. It will also assist our organization in making informed decisions for moving forward, with smart data about the strengths of each of those contributing to our work.

Jon Cawthorne, PhD

Dean, Wayne State University Library System

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