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Skilltype for Vendors: Lean Library

Tony Zanders from Skilltype and Matt Hayes form Lean Library side by side on webam

In this enlightening fireside chat, Tony Zanders, the Founder and CEO of Skilltype, sits down with Matthew Hayes, the Managing Director of Technology from SAGE – Talis & Lean Library. Together, they delve into the details of their collaborative partnership and discuss the transformative impact it is poised to make on the future of librarianship. The conversation aims to shed light on how the synergy between these organizations will offer groundbreaking solutions and opportunities for library professionals.

SAGE – Talis & Lean Library will also discuss:

– How vendors fit into the Skilltype ecosystem
– Why they decided to adopt Skilltype and what this means for librarians
– What opportunities exist when vendors and libraries are in the same platform

These key topics aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of how this partnership is set to revolutionize the library industry. Stay tuned for a compelling discussion.

Show Notes:

  • The problem with training and development in libraries (2:54)
  • Why Lean Library chose to adopt Skilltype (5:55)
  • The impact of the shift to remote work during the pandemic (7:23)
  • Communicating with user communities (9:53)
  • Accessing insights on what skills we need as a library (12:40)
  • Librarian Futures community (15:02)
  • Improving diversity, equity, and inclusion (22:58)
  • Training and development as a luxury (25:55)
  • Multimedia content access (28:04)

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