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Skilltype Partners with San José State University iSchool

San Jose State University

San José, CA – Library technology company Skilltype announces its partnership with San José State University School of Information. This provides access to its talent marketplace to students, faculty, and staff. This marks the second iSchool to adopt Skilltype’s talent management platform. 

San José State University iSchool’s commitment to Global Leadership

San José State University iSchool’s is committed to being a global leader in education. Thus, delivering innovative research and top-quality programs in the information professions is a top priority. The Skilltype adoption ensures students get current training to enhance their skills in the information industry.

Located in Silicon Valley, San José State University iSchool’s inspire innovation in the library and information science field worldwide.

“We have a saying, “Information is Everything.” We live and breathe this adage and Skilltype helps us adhere to this by providing us real time information aggregated from existing library jobs and the corresponding core competencies and skills they require. SJSU highly covet this information as a way to make sure our curriculum and what we teach is well aligned with the rapidly changing needs of the field and LIS employers. This partnership reflects our commitment to being agile and data driven in all that we do,” says Dr. Anthony Chow, director for SJSU School of Information.  “Students trust us with their education and we will always remain in the forefront of the field to ensure they get the best we can give them. Thanks to Skilltype, we feel we are doing that,” adds Chow.

Harnessing Skilltype’s Data

Through Skilltype, students can access thousands of on-demand library training from 150+ conferences and associations. Also, students receive personalized recommendations based on their interests. This partnership bolsters the global library talent pipeline, introducing students to real-world competencies and skill gaps during their studies. Therefore, employers can begin influencing the direction students pursue in their studies. Furthermore, better prepare them for the job market upon graduation.

“At Skilltype, we look forward to this unique partnership to explore the impact of the iSchool’s programs in developing graduates ready to meet the challenges of public and academic library organizations,” commented Tony Zanders, Skilltype’s founder and CEO.

San José State University iSchool’s plans to utilize Skilltype’s unique data set as a complement to their robust curriculum. Skilltype’s dataset includes key LIS competencies, interests, roles, and training vital for industry organizations and employees.

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