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What’s New in Skilltype: September 2023

Here’s what’s new in the latest release of Skilltype v1.34


  • We’re planning a series of improvements to make it easier for staff within the same organization to find one another for collaboration.
    • Easily find other Skilltype users in your Library with your organization’s directory. 
    • See which teams your organization has created. Request to join a team or ask to create your own team. 
    • View your colleagues’ profiles through the directory.  
  • We’ve updated our data and privacy policy.
    • What’s not changing: We will never knowingly share or sell your information to 3rd parties.
    • What has changed: Your colleagues in your organization can view your profile.

Updates for Users

We’re making it easier for you to collaborate with others in your organization.

An organization directory is nothing new.  You may have access to one somewhere else outside of Skilltype.  However, the directory within your organization’s Skilltype profile helps you identify other Skilltype users in your Library.  Here are a few ideas on how this directory can be useful to you.

  • Find training partners to enhance your learning experience. Collaborating with others can boost not only your ability to remember and apply new skills but also foster a culture of mutual learning. Plus, it adds an element of motivation and offers a community to celebrate your growth with.
  • Collaborate on projects by leveraging the diverse skill sets within your organization. Browse user profiles to identify potential teammates who can contribute to or participate in your initiatives. (A skills-based search tool is coming soon to simplify this further.)
  • Seek mentorship to accelerate your career growth. Beyond utilizing Skilltype’s training resources, connect with colleagues with expertise in your area of interest.

To access your organization’s directory on Skilltype, first log in. Then, click on your organization’s name located in the menu on the left-hand side. This will take you to the organization profile, where you’ll find the directory.

Additionally, Skilltype’s latest release enhances organizational visibility by allowing you to view all teams within your organization. Whether you’re already part of one or multiple teams, this feature offers valuable insights in several ways.

  • Our customer organizations often utilize the teams feature to assemble staff focused on particular skills or topics. If a team catches your interest, contact the team manager to request an invitation.
  • Initiate the formation of a team to deepen your learning on a specific topic. Collaborate on a team with your colleagues for a richer learning experience. Contact an Administrator in your organization to get a new team up and running.

Find teams in the same way you found your organization’s directory.   First, log in. Then, click on your organization’s name located in the menu on the left-hand side. This will take you to the organization profile, where you’ll find the teams list.

We updated our data and privacy page.

No, we’re not updating it so we can sell your information.  We don’t do that.  We updated it to reflect the updates to our directory expansion.  Other members of your organization can now see your profile and your email address.  We thought you should know that.

We’re expanding ways for you to collaborate with others in the library ecosystem outside of your organization.

Library workers worldwide connect through various platforms like conferences, local meetups, listservs, and Slack groups. Skilltype is enhancing this collaborative landscape by piloting skill-focused groups on our platform. Our first group is dedicated to User Experience. Whether you’re experienced in this field or looking to grow, we invite you to join. To receive an invitation, please contact Jamie Lin, Skilltype’s Head of Community and User Research.  Do you have an idea for a skill-based, product-based, or job role-based group you’d like to see on the platform? Would you be interested in helping to start one? 

Here is what you can look forward to in the coming months.

  • We’re building an improved full-featured search experience that leverages advanced machine learning to help you quickly find relevant training and skills in one place.
  • Soon you’ll be able to see the length or estimated time to read for training resources on Skilltype. If you have 30 minutes to train, you’ll be able to find content you can complete in that timeframe. You’ll also be able to see how far you’ve progressed as you develop your skills.  

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