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What’s New in Skilltype: June 2023


  • You can add training resources to your organization’s profile that are only viewable to your organization members
    • Added tools to add and manage training resources on your organization profile.
    • Organization members can now see content added by their organization on their organization’s profile
    • Users will see new content that was added by their organization in the weekly digest email.
  • Minor upgrades and bug fixes

Updates for Organization Administrators

Organization-Specific Training Resources

In this release, we responded to customer feedback and provided a way for organization administrators to add their own library’s training resources to Skilltype.  This new feature allows users to have a single place to do their training.  For example, let’s say you have a set of training materials for new staff members.  Typically these come in various formats and are scattered throughout different web portals.  With Skilltype, all of these training resources can be curated into one place, added to a list for new staff members, and shared.  The new staff members can then consume the training and mark items as complete as they work through them.  

This makes it much easier for your staff members to find specific training and for your administrators to keep all of the training documents in one place.

Add training resources to your organization’s profile.

Manage training resources in your organization’s profile.

Where to get help for adding and managing your organization’s training resources?

There are three ways you can get help.

  1. Check out our step-by-step guide at
  2. Click on the blue chat button in the app (it’s in the lower right corner), and get help from a real person.
  3. Email, and one of our customer success managers will connect with you.

Updates for Users

Find training resources in your organization’s profile.

As your organization adds training resources to its profile. You will be notified in your weekly digest email that new content has been. You can also find that new content by clicking on the training link under your organization’s side card.

Get notified of new training resources in your organization’s profile.

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