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What’s New in Skilltype: July 2023

organization training resources for staff development

Here’s what’s new in the latest release of Skilltype v1.32.


  • Improvements to organization added training resources.
    • When an organization adds training resources that are only available to their members, these items will appear in browse and search alongside general training resources. 
    • These resources will only be visible to their members.
    • Users will see the words “added by…” their organization to note that this item came from an organization they belong to.  
    • “From my organization(s)” is not a filterable facet.
  • Previously we used icons to indicate features or access restrictions for training resources. Users are now able to filter by those facets.
  • Minor upgrades and bug fixes

Updates for Users

Improving organization-specific training resources

In the last release, we added a feature that allows organization administrators to add training resources that are only available to their members.  In this release, we made those items easier to identify and discover.

When a user browses or searches for training resources, they also see items that administrators from their organization(s) have added. These items will have a note in the metadata indicating that an organization they are a member of added it.  When browsing, users can also filter the skill tag list to find resources that were added by their organization.

Users will also be notified with an in-app notification when an organization they are a member of adds new training resources.

Filter by feature or access restriction

Many of the training resources we have curated include special features like providing a certificate or they have some sort of access restriction like a login or paywall.  These features are indicated by an icon on the item card.  

In this release, we also made these features filterable on a user’s homepage and while browsing skill tags.

Where to get help for adding and managing your organization’s training resources

There are three ways you can get help

  1. Check out our step-by-step guide at
  2. Click on the blue chat button in the app (it’s in the lower right corner), and get help from a real person.
  3. Email, and one of our customer success managers will connect with you.

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