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Library Training Resources Update: AI, LI Learning and More

This summer, the content team at Skilltype, the leading provider of talent management software designed for libraries and information professionals, is excited to announce a significant expansion to its content offerings. In response to the evolving trends we’ve added 2,600 library training resources to Skilltype’s curated index. These resources reinforce our dedication to offering the most relevant and current content to support our community’s ongoing professional development. As a result of this expansion, the Skilltype community now enjoys access to an repository of more than 9,600 items.

LinkedIn Learning Library Training Resources

We’ve integrated over 500 resources from LinkedIn Learning. These handpicked materials address fundamental workplace skills such as leadership, management, cultural fluency, marketing, and career management. While these resources have broad applicability to information professionals across different settings, their emphasis on skills development significantly enhances professional competence and performance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Library Training Resources in Academic Libraries

Keeping pace with the rapidly advancing technological landscape, we’ve enriched our offerings by incorporating content on cutting-edge themes such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT resources sourced from various providers. We’ve also extended our coverage to include Digital Humanities, Instruction and Teaching, and Student Success – topics at the core of modern academic library operations.

Community Outreach Library Training Resources in Public Libraries

We’ve intensified our focus on community-centric services. Newly available resources cover essential areas such as Programs and Events, Children & Teen Services, and Readers’ Advisory. Furthermore, for those serving in public libraries, particularly in the states of Iowa, Illinois, North Carolina, Nebraska, Idaho, and New York, we’ve curated a wealth of content addressing topics such as Programming, Management, Leadership, Accessibility, Homelessness, Intellectual Freedom and Book Challenges, and Wellness.

Data-Related Library Training Resources

It’s undeniable that data-related skills have become paramount for all library professionals, regardless of their specific area of work. Accordingly, our expanded resources include topics, such as Research Data Management, Data Governance, Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Data Services. These additions empower library professionals with the tools to navigate the increasingly complex and evolving data management and governance landscape. 

We’ve also augmented our offerings for those interested in web development. Our index now includes resources on essential web development skills such as PHP, Python, and Javascript. These skills are becoming increasingly vital for library professionals to effectively navigate and leverage digital tools.

Our resource expansion efforts have seen the integration of a wide array of content from respected organizations such as IFLA, CARLI, the National Library of Medicine, the Federal Depository Library Program, and the CALM conference. 

Autism-Ready Library Toolkit produced by the University of Washington

Notably, we’ve added the Autism-Ready Library Toolkit by the University of Washington — aimed at enhancing library accessibility and inclusivity.

Visit Skilltype’s Browse page and explore the expansive range of available resources. Use the skills, products, and conference tags to tailor your exploration to your interests and needs. You can add any tag to your interests and weekly recommendations by clicking on the + button in the header. Enjoy this enriched content universe and leverage it to elevate your skills and competencies with Skilltype.

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