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Jamie Lin Becomes Skilltype’s Head of Community and User Research

Baton Rouge, LA — Skilltype, the leading provider of talent management software for libraries and library professionals, is excited to announce the appointment of Jamie Lin as the new Head of Community and User Research. Lin, an information professional with a rich background in instructional design, community building, and professional development, will spearhead efforts to understand Skilltype’s diverse audience while increasing connections among users.

Jamie Lin Shares Her Vision for the Community

With her extensive experience in the information profession, Lin offered insights on her new role. “An aspect of librarianship I find invaluable is the depth of relationship we build with one another over the course of our careers. I am always talking with my professional network about the evolution of our individual careers as well as the profession as a whole. Joining Skilltype puts me in the center of learning and sharing the future requirements of information professionals. I am excited to be in a role that builds on the collaborative traits of our field to better manage our careers, teams, and organizations.

CEO’s Insight: Building a Stronger Community with Jamie

Skilltype’s CEO Tony Zanders echoed this enthusiasm: “It’s rare to find a person whose background taught them the needs of our unique community, along with the potential software companies have to address those needs with new solutions,” says Zanders. “Jamie’s experience couldn’t have come to Skilltype at a better time as we seek to support the LIS field across libraries and professional associations around the world.”

Jamie Lin’s Journey

Lin’s background includes work in public, academic, corporate, and non-profit sectors of the information profession. She has expertise in user-centered design, professional development, and community development. Lin developed these skills while working as a researcher at Qualcomm, creating educational resources for the higher education industry. Most recently, she was the Continuing Education Manager at Atla, a member association and producer of academic research tools. She led programs on community engagement and career development and steered the association’s transition to online and later hybrid conferences. Lin is also a member and volunteer in several library associations.

What This Means for Skilltype

Her move to Skilltype signals a continued commitment to community engagement and user satisfaction. This further solidifies Skilltype as the forerunner in talent development for information professionals.

Want to learn more about Jamie? Visit her LinkedIn.

About Skilltype

Skilltype is the exclusive provider of talent management software designed for libraries and information professionals. Founded in 2018, Skilltype is now used by over 150 libraries across 5 countries, and headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA.

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