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What happens to my Skilltype data if I leave my current employer?

Consistent with Skilltype’s Privacy Policy, data about your skills and experience belongs to you. Visit Settings > Privacy Check to see how we manage and share your data.

Skilltype platform settings with privacy check view to view how your data is being used

If you joined Skilltype via an employer or organization invitation, your account’s primary email is your employer provided one.

Skilltype encourages users to set a recovery email address, like a personal one, for long-term access. If primary email access is lost, you can sign in with the recovery email. Visit Settings > Account Access to manage your addresses. 

Skilltype platform settings with account access view to change or add primary and recovery email.

If you leave an employer or organization, your organization administrators can disconnect your account from the organization’s talent data, or change your connection to a Follower.  Contact with any questions you have about your account settings.

Crucially, managing privacy and account settings on platforms like Skilltype is essential for personal data control and security. In today’s digital landscape, actively controlling privacy settings protects sensitive information from unauthorized access. Furthermore, regular updates to account settings, such as recovery emails, ensure continued access, especially during transitions like employer changes. Consequently, proactively managing these settings not only enhances security but also aligns with best practices in digital identity management. Lastly, this approach empowers users to understand and control their data usage, reflecting a strong commitment to data security and privacy in our interconnected world.

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