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Resetting Your Password

From the Skilltype Sign In page, begin by selecting the “Having Password Trouble?” button. This is a straightforward first step for those experiencing login issues. Next, you need to type in the email address you originally used to register for Skilltype. Ensure that you enter the email address associated with your Skilltype account. Once you submit this information, the platform will send an email to that address. This email contains a secure link specifically designed for resetting your password. Click on this link to guide yourself through the reset process. Upon successfully resetting your password, Skilltype will send you a confirmation email. This email verifies that you have changed your password and secured your account. Remember, we designed this process to be user-friendly and secure your account.

Emails from the Skilltype platform are sent from, so you may want to check your Spam folder and add to your list of approved senders.  

Contact with any questions. 

Here’s a quick video to guide you through the process.

Password Security

For security reasons, Skilltype passwords must be reset every 60 days. 

Regularly resetting your password is a vital security measure. It’s a proactive defense against unauthorized access and breaches. Periodic changes reduce the risk of account compromise. This is crucial in an era of sophisticated cyber threats. Frequent updates render any exposed passwords ineffective. It encourages strong, unique password use, enhancing security. Essentially, occasional resets safeguard your digital identity and sensitive information online.

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