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How do you measure learning?

When training content includes quizzes or instruments to measure training, the metadata associated with each training will describe these assessments. At this time, Skilltype is not augmenting training content with assessments of learning. provides each user (often employees of an organization) with access to a detailed history of training content viewed or completed on the platform. This “My activity” record includes all skills and descriptions associated with each training, completion date and time stamp. Users may choose to share this record of detailed training activity with a manager or their organization.

Skilltype platform showing the "Download My Activity" button to measure learning

Organization Owners, Organization Administrators, and Managers of Teams can measure data about an employee’s engagement with Skilltype. This includes the date of the last Skilltype activity, the number of completed learning items, and the topic tags associated with those items. Training activity data is available to managers through Teams > Activity and Teams > Talent Audit.

In conclusion, Skilltype empowers organizations and their members with a comprehensive platform for talent development and data-driven insights. Whether it’s enhancing skills, tracking training progress, or fostering collaboration, Skilltype stands as a valuable tool for professional growth and success. Explore the possibilities, measure your progress, and take your organization’s talent management to the next level with Skilltype.

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