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How are skills assessed?

Skilltype’s controlled vocabulary or Skills Ontology comes from 15 core competency frameworks developed by ALA, SLA, NASIG, PLA, and other professional associations. Also comprises over 1,000 skills, strategic direction goals, and technology products specific to the industry. These frameworks analyze and recommend the competencies needed across library functions and roles. Skilltype continuously improves the controlled vocabulary based on customer feedback, trends in the community, and ongoing evaluation.

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This feature is the connective tissue of our platform. It adeptly combines disparate data points, molding them into a cohesive and actionable whole. The value of such amalgamation is immeasurable, providing unparalleled insights and empowering library leaders to make informed decisions, especially when intertwined with the capabilities of the Skills Inventory. By leveraging the Skills Ontology and its associated features, organizations are better equipped to navigate the complexities of talent management, skill development, and strategic planning in today’s dynamic landscape.

  • Interlinks Talent Management and training.
  • Harmonizes data across organizations, users, and content.
  • Enables unprecedented cross-referencing and insight generation.
  • Fosters a cohesive data environment, enhancing accuracy and reliability.
  • Provides alignment between skill development and organizational needs.
  • Simplifies the process of describing skills and gaps for your staff.

In essence, Skilltype simplifies the complex process of identifying skill gaps and aligning staff capabilities with the strategic needs of the library, embodying an essential tool for today’s dynamic talent management and strategic planning landscape.

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