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Glossary of Skilltype Terms

Glossary Terms you’ll see across Skilltype include:

Welcome to the comprehensive glossary of terms for Skilltype, a platform designed for the library and information science community. This glossary serves as a guide to understanding the key concepts, roles, and features within the Skilltype ecosystem.

User Roles and Connections

  • Affiliate: Users connected to an organization.
  • Followers: Interested users not currently part of your organization. They may include former employees, students, or professionals with similar skills.
  • Organization Members: Staff and team of an Organization, including Owners, Administrators, or Team Managers.
  • Organization Administrators: Senior leaders who manage the organization’s Skilltype account, responsible for various administrative tasks.
  • Organization Owner: The primary Organization Administrator with exclusive rights to modify account settings and designate other Administrators.
  • Team Manager: Supervisor or leader responsible for a Team. They can add members, modify the Team’s description, and manage Team Training Lists.

Organizational Features

  • Organization Profile: A needs-assessed profile page for each organization, outlining key capabilities and impact.
  • Strategic Directions: High-level objectives applied to an organization’s profile, reflecting overarching goals and issues in the library and information science domain.
  • Team: Groups created by an organization, like departments or committees, for internal collaboration and management.
  • Team Training List: Customized training plans created by Team Managers to foster skill development in line with organizational needs.

Skilltype Platform Components

  • Job Roles: Tags representing areas of work in libraries, identified by users during onboarding.
  • Priorities: Themes or issues within libraries and information science that are significant to an individual’s career.
  • Privacy Check: A feature in user settings to manage the visibility of connections, adhering to privacy policies.
  • User Profile: Personal assessment profiles detailing an individual’s skills, experiences, and potential contributions.
  • Tags: Fundamental components of Skilltype’s controlled vocabulary, focusing on library-specific terms.
  • Skills: Workplace competencies categorized within Skilltype’s vocabulary.
  • Products: Library-related software and platforms categorized in the vocabulary.
  • Interests: Skills or products a user aims to learn more about.
  • Training List: Customized training plans that any Skilltype user can create.
  • Global: A column showing the percentage of users with a particular skill, providing insight into its rarity.

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