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Get Started as an Organization

How long does it take to set up Skilltype as a library organization?

The onboarding process for Skilltype at your library is efficient. Our Customer Success Team will work closely with you to ensure a seamless transition to the platform. Additionally, there’s no hardware or software to install. However, the process typically takes a few weeks, driven by the goals, size, and complexity of the organization.

Our Customer Success Team guides organizations through every step, including:

  1. Designating one of the library’s senior leaders as an Organization Owner.
  2. Designating a main point of contact to work with Customer Success.
  3. Completing the Organization’s Profile, also known as a needs assessment. Then, leaders will select the organization’s key skills, products, strategic directions, and memberships.
  4. Inviting Administrators and Managers to a live onboarding launch with the Skilltype team. Additionally, this includes signing up for Skilltype accounts and completing individual profiles
  5. If applicable, Creating Teams for departments, branches, or groups that mirror your organization’s structure with designated Team Managers 
  6. Inviting all staff to a live onboarding launch with the Skilltype team. This includes activating Skilltype accounts and completing their skill profiles
  7. Skilltype’s Customer Success team provides advice, training, and documentation as needed therefore setting your library up for staff adoption and integration of Skilltype insights into your organization’s talent workflows. 
  8. Contact: at any time.

Complete your Organization’s Profile

Each Organization’s Profile will display Memberships, Strategic Directions, and Key Products and Skills. Organization Administrators can add or update these tags based on the organization’s strategy and needs.

For an accurate and relevant Talent Audit, we recommend that each organization select:

  • Memberships: Select up to five (5) of your organization’s memberships, such as associations your organization belongs to. Members of your organization can add personal memberships to their individual profiles. 
  • Strategic Directions: Add up to ten (10) the pillars of your organization, typically corresponding to your organization’s strategic plan or initiatives. The choices in the Skilltype tag menu are created from an analysis of the strategic plans of academic and public library organizations to help you get started. 
  • Key Products & Key Skills: Add up to fifty (50) of the skills and products that are most important to your library.


Invite members and view pending invitations from the Directory

As an Organization Owner or Administrator, your Organization’s Directory will show you every person connected to the organization on Skilltype. From Admin > Directory, you’ll be able to:

  • View all Members of your Organization who have activated their accounts
  • Invite additional members, view pending invitations that have not yet been accepted, and resend or revoke pending invitations (view detailed instructions for sending and managing invitations here.)
  • View Followers of your Organization, these are users on the Skilltype platform who are interested in your organization yet are not current members and have opted to share skill data with your organization. Followers may include former employee alumni, information school students who might be interested in working with you in the future, or information professionals who may share similar priorities or key skills. 

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