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Where does the content come from?

The content on Skilltype comes from various sources, including top industry experts, professional associations, and library-specific organizations. Additionally, Skilltype has partnerships with major publishers and content providers. This allows us to offer a wide range of courses and resources. Our goal is to provide users with high-quality, relevant, and up-to-date training. This helps libraries and individuals close their skill gaps to serve their communities better.

Can Libraries add library-created training to Skilltype’s collection ?

If your organization has developed training that you’d like to see in the Skilltype collection, please contact Skilltype’s content team The Content Team will work with you to review and load the material as appropriate. Materials must be accessible via a URL and support the development of library-related skills desired by the Skilltype community. Video links over 15 minutes duration that can be embedded within Skilltype pages, and materials published in the past three years are strongly preferred.

Skilltype’s product roadmap includes features to enable direct loading of content by customer organizations, release date is to be determined.

Are all of the training items in Skilltype available for free or open access?

Approximately 95% of the training comes from academic and professional conferences, content partners, organizations (international and national), and vendors. Some providers may require free registration, like OCLC Web Junction.

Skilltype will index items that require a fee, or require users to belong to an organization to access the content, often upon customer request. 

When a training provider website requires a fee, membership, or registration, we will display this information in the description of each item.

How are tags assigned?

The Content Team applies tags from Skilltype’s library-specific controlled vocabulary and enhances metadata as they ingest items into the platform. The Content Team consults metadata accompanying the source material like the title, abstracts or descriptions. The team reads, scans or views the media and incorporates suggestions from content partners as appropriate. Automations and batch ingest to increase efficiency and accuracy are on our product roadmap.

Can I request a new skill or product tag (and associated content)?

If you’ve noticed a gap in Skilltype’s controlled vocabulary of skill or product tags, please let us know. You can suggest a tag within the platform by visiting your Profile, and choosing the Edit button next to Products or Skills. ype in your term, and if there are no results, the system will prompt you to suggest a new tag and provide a description of why the tag will be helpful. Skilltype’s Content Team reviews suggestions on a rolling basis and many find their way onto the platform after we’ve found corresponding training materials.

To discuss trends or broader training needs for your organization with our team, please contact

How Can I Report a Broken link or an error associated with a training item?

Skilltype relies on training created by organizations, conferences, vendors and other third parties. If you notice a problem with a Skilltype training resource, such as a broken link or other error, please Report that resource. From any Skilltype item, you’ll see a “3 dots” menu to the right. Click on the “3 dots” menu and select “Report to Skilltype.” You’ll be asked for a brief reason, which will help our team identify the nature of the problem. This will send an alert directly to the Content Team to resolve the issue. Become a Skilltype Content Partners

How do content recommendations work? 

The skills, products and interests you selected when completing your Skilltype profile drive your recommendations. We recommend adding at least 10 Interests to your Profile so that Skilltype can recommend timely and relevant content. You can Browse to explore a full range of skills or product tags and associated content. As you explore a Skilltype tag, you can add the tag to your Interests from the heading that describes each tag and how many other users or organizations have also selected it. You can also modify the tags any time by visiting your Profile. 

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