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Changelog v1.22

Welcome to Version 1.22 which includes a Privacy Check and easier access to learning content. 

Recent Updates to User Settings include a Privacy Check which describes how data is protected and shared in Skilltype. 

Privacy Features

Spring is a great time to update the skills, product experience, and interests in your Skilltype profile.  It’s also it’s a great time for you review your privacy settings around the web.

As a library talent platform, Skilltype handles user data with care and respect. Skilltype’s Privacy Check creates transparency about skills, product, interest, and learning activity data shared with:

  • organizations that you are a member of as an employee
  • organizations you’ve chosen to connect to as a follower
  • consortia which your employer organization belongs

Visit Skilltype’s Settings for Data and Privacy from the “3 dots” menu in the upper right corner of your browser to see details about the visibility of your profile and organizational memberships, or to view Skilltype’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 

Improved Access to Learning Content

  • Recent design improvements make it easier to access items hosted by content providers by clicking “View Source Material.”
  • Across Skilltype, you’ll see an indication of items you’ve Completed, showing your progress and making it easier to find what to learn next.   

Recent changes to item navigation improve access to learning items and indicate completion.  


  • You can now connect to up to 15 organizations from your profile such as professional associations, user groups, potential employers, or your iSchool alma mater. 

Skilltype is a library talent platform for information professionals and their teams to analyze, develop, and share expertise. Create a free account today, or talk with us to learn more about Skilltype’s tools for your organization’s talent needs. 

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