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Changelog v1.21

Welcome to Version 1.21 which includes improved navigation of Skilltype’s Insights and Directory.    

Recent Updates to Skilltype’s Insights include tabs to navigate between Talent Audit, Skills, Product Experience and Interests

Skilltype’s Insights Features

With Skilltype’s Insights, leaders of library organizations can quickly view the skills and interests of organization members to plan for professional development or recruitment and to encourage learning.  Skilltype has improved the navigation of Insights and Talent Audit based on February’s release of Skilltype Teams. You can now move between Skilltype’s Talent Audit, Skills, Product Experience, and Interests from the top of each page, making it easier to find capabilities within an organization.    

Insights provide leaders with a single place to find expertise across the organization and can answer questions such as: 

  • Who are the experts in our organization possessing a particular skill?
  • Who wants to learn more about products or services important to our stakeholders?
  • What skills might be missing from our organization?  

Skilltype Insights Example: Members of the Skilltype organization who interested in Analytics as a Skill 


  • Lists of organization members in Skilltype’s Directory and Insights can now be sorted by column headings such as name or relation. 
  • Weekly email digest recommendations have been updated to favor items with more recent publication dates. 
  • Database updates have improved the onboarding of groups of libraries within a consortium or network.
  • Coming soon: Updates to User Settings, Privacy Check Up, and Monthly Organization email digest which summarizes Skilltype adoption and learning trends.

You can sort Skilltype’s Directory by Name, Email, or Relation to find people and expertise more easily.

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