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Changelog v.1.20

Welcome to Version 1.20 featuring the release of Teams.  

 Now Available: Teams in Skilltype

Skilltype Teams Features

With Teams, heads of library departments, supervisors, and  group leaders will be able to quickly see the skills and interests of team members to recognize and encourage learning.  Whether your library is a single branch or a large system with committees and projects, you’ll be able to use Skilltype Teams in a way that makes sense for your organization’s work and structure.  

Teams provides managers with a single place to find expertise: 

  • Staff skills, product experience and interests
  • Learning activity across a team 
  • Answers to questions like: “Who can take on this project or task?” 

The beauty of Skilltype Teams lies in its adaptability. You can configure Skilltype Teams to offer insights, regardless of your library’s size or your organizational chart’s complexity. By centralizing this information, you can make data-driven decisions that are in line with your organization’s work and structure.

Now Available: Team Activity in Skilltype

Insights from Skilltype’s Talent Audit and Teams help organizations to align staff goals and learning with organization’s vision and mission. 


  • It’s now easier to invite multiple staff to join your organization in Skilltype from the Directory, and to view or resend pending invitations.  
  • When new users join Skilltype, they are asked to add a minimum of five skills, products, and interests during onboarding. Recommendations for learning are provided instantly, based on these tags.  
  • This  “Last Login Date” has been changed to “Last Active Date” across the app, providing a more accurate snapshot of Skilltype engagement.   
  • Coming soon: Monthly email digest for Organizations which summarizes Skilltype adoption and learning trends.

The Skilltype Directory makes it easier to add organization staff

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