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Changelog v.1.19

Welcome to Version 1.19 which lays the ground work for Skilltype’s upcoming release of Teams feature.    

Coming soon: Teams in Skilltype

Teams Features

As we prepare for the launch of our innovative Teams feature, we’re excited to offer a sneak peek into what organization subscribers can anticipate. This addition aims to enhance collaboration, improve resource allocation, and streamline talent management.

In-depth Team-based Insights

Soon, organization subscribers will gain access to a wealth of team-based data. This will include metrics and insights about the skills, product experience, and professional interests of team members. The goal is to make the most of Skilltype’s robust data analytics capabilities. Organizations will be better equipped to match personnel with the most fitting projects, thus maximizing team performance and individual job satisfaction.

Customizable Team Structures

The Teams feature will offer high customization to mirror real-world organizational structures. Whether you’re a single-branch library or a multi-departmental institution, you will be able to arrange your members into teams. Each team can have its designated manager or supervisor, reflecting the different departments, branches, or working groups in your daily operations.

Managerial Tools for Skill Development

Managers won’t just be overseeing work; they will be integral to each team member’s career development. With Skilltype’s actionable insights, managers can identify gaps in team skills and strategize on learning initiatives. These insights will empower them to tailor individual learning paths and encourage ongoing professional growth.

Testing and Anticipated Release

We’re currently in the testing phase for these promising new features. Rigorous testing is underway to ensure the utility, security, and efficiency of these tools. We’re committed to delivering a high-quality experience and anticipate rolling out the Teams features in the coming weeks.

This upcoming update promises to be a game-changer in the way organizations manage and develop their talent

Coming soon: Creating a Team in Skilltype


  • Completed bug fixes related error messages and item uploading. 
  • Improved API responses, explored updates to Skilltype’s permission framework and automated end-to-end testing.

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