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Changelog v.1.18

Welcome to Version 1.18 which introduces Skilltype’s weekly recommendations digest.   

Skilltype’s weekly digest email 

Skilltype’s Weekly Digest Feature

In the near future, Skilltype will roll out a new feature: a weekly email digest tailored to individual users. This digest will provide you with a curated list of recommended items that align closely with your professional development goals. The system will generate these recommendations based on the specific skills, products, and interests you’ve indicated in your Skilltype profile. Whether you’re looking to hone existing skills or explore new areas of interest, the weekly digest aims to serve as a personalized guide to help you make the most out of the Skilltype platform.


  • Addressed a variety of bug fixes related to bulk uploading of items. Users should now find the upload process to be more streamlined and error-free.
  • Refined the management of user accounts to offer better control and ease of use.
  • Revised our system error messages. They are now more informative, providing clearer insights into any issues that may arise, which should facilitate quicker problem-solving for users.
  • We are preparing new team management features for a 2022 release. These features will help managers and team leaders gain a more holistic view of their teams’ capabilities. This will make it easier to align individual skills with organizational goals.

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