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Changelog v1.42.1

We’ve delivered a new Home experience for all users based on insights about our careers and organizations.

Over the past five years, Skilltype has developed a unique set of data and insights across the library community. This next version of our Home aims to deliver these to each user to provide much needed context for their career and organizational decisions. Our first pass includes personal insights around hours spent training, numbers of trainings completed, and best practices tasks to continue to advance in your role.

These are supplemented with insights helping you understand your relationship to your organization, and other communities you belong to, including:

  • Skills match against what your employer needs
  • Missing skills your organization needs
  • Top interests within the profession

We’ve also worked to highlight upcoming events in a more prominent way to ensure users don’t miss upcoming registration deadlines or other important information. These are treated differently than on-demand resources in Skilltype, which are now listed further down due to their decreased sense of urgency.

In upcoming releases, we will begin enabling users to carry these insights with them throughout the Skilltype experience while navigating across organizations and communities you belong to. Until then, let us know what you think by emailing us at, or on our social media channels @skilltype.

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