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Changelog v1.8

v1.8.0 is our first release of 2021: a major update with over 30 new features and 30 bug fixes to improve data.

Key skills and key products for University at Buffalo data on Skilltype app

Key Skills and Key Products on Skilltype organization profiles

Feature highlight: Key Expertise 🔧

This latest update gives Skilltype customers a way to identify and promote the expertise most urgently needed to accomplish their strategic goals. Skilltype uses this data to perform overlap analysis with the skills and interest of an organization’s talent pool to surface skill gaps.


  • Organization managers can now sort and search data within the interface
  • Organization managers can now download all organization data into a CSV for use in third-party systems for analysis and data visualization
  • Organization managers can now add the number of employees in the organization to the organization settings panel
  • Users can now view PDF documents from within the Skilltype interface.
  • Users can now view skill descriptions within the TagPicker before adding a skill to your profile
  • Users can now export all of their data in a ZIP file directly from their personal Settings panel
  • Links included in item descriptions are now clickable.
  • Item descriptions now have paragraph breaks.


  • Our invite links expired too quickly. We have now extended this for a more reasonable duration.
  • Some items were not appearing in search results. This is now fixed.
  • Page labels were missing from the Skilltype header that are now appearing again.
  • Filtering for organization admins was broken on the people directory. Fixed.

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