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Changelog v.1.7.0

v1.7.0 included 25 new features and 3 bug fixes including search.

Search pop-up on Skilltype platform

Feature highlight: Search 🔍

With the rapid expansion of our training repository on Skilltype, navigating through the vast content might feel overwhelming. Recognizing this, we’ve introduced a streamlined search feature, allowing you to swiftly access the specific content you need. Our new search functionality not only displays the number of relevant results but also highlights keyword matches, provides titles, and indicates the source of each training. And this is just the beginning; we’re diligently working to incorporate even more descriptive metadata to further enhance your browsing experience.


  • Video are now embedded on item pages. Users can now enjoy embedded videos right on the item pages, with support extended to popular platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, among others.
  • Scan all skills and products in the app using an “A-Z list. This provides direct and quick links, simplifying your browsing experience.
  • Luminosity was improved by making buttons a darker blue to adhere to WCAG standards
  • We now welcome users from a diverse range of countries, including but not limited to Germany, Russia, CĂ´te d’Ivoire, and Brazil.
  • Added headers to sidebars for “Filter” and “Popular” so sidebars are now more organized, allowing for a smoother navigation experience


  • Organization admins no longer see inflated insights on member data. This issue was caused by the app not deducting people who removed certain skills from their profile.
  • In a move to maintain content quality and integrity, users no longer have the ability to add items.

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