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Changelog v.1.15

We’re excited to unveil Talent Audit, a groundbreaking feature that empowers libraries to identify skill gaps across their organizations in real-time. With actionable insights at your fingertips, you can now make data-driven decisions to enhance your team’s capabilities. Here’s a detailed look at what this feature offers and other new improvements on Skilltype:

Talent audit of the University at Buffalo

Managers can now view skill gaps in real-time.

Talent Audit Features

Talent Audit: Skilltype provides a robust evaluation of the skill sets currently available within your library organization. It aligns these against the skills your library actually needs, classifying them into three primary categories: acquired, interested, and missing. This actionable data allows you to prioritize training and recruitment efforts more effectively. To set up a demo and see how this feature can work for your library, contact us.

Talent audit of the University at Buffalo

Upcoming Trainings: Alongside Talent Audit, we’re introducing a new feature that suggests upcoming training events based on your skills and interests. This curated list is easily accessible from a new tab on your homepage, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to develop professionally.


  • Consortia managers now have the added advantage of identifying which member library employs individuals with specific skills. This visibility helps in collaborative efforts and resource sharing among different libraries within a consortia network.

Excited to delve deeper into what our Talent Audit feature can do for you? Visit our comprehensive feature page for an in-depth exploration! There, you’ll find more information detailing how this innovative tool can transform your approach to talent management. Learn about its unique capabilities and the many ways it can enhance your team’s productivity and efficiency. Discover how our Talent Audit feature is setting new standards in strategic talent optimization. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your organization’s talent strategy to the next level.

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