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Changelog v.1.14

Introducing a new Skilltype for Teams onboarding experience for library managers.  

Managers can now collaborate on the library’s needs assessment together.

Organization Onboarding Features

New Organization Onboarding: Libraries onboarding to Skilltype no longer need a Skilltype team member to walk them through organization setup. A simple, three-step process is now accessible from your admin panel where you can invite other managers to collaborate on your profile completion. You can access your org onboarding at anytime in the future at the bottom of the org settings panel.

Org Profile Completion Wizard: Once inviting other managers to help complete the organization profile during onboarding, Skilltype now displays profile recommended completion milestones  before inviting staff to the app


  • Users can now view the number of items in the Skilltype database in topical feed headers, providing a quick overview of the volume of content available in each category.
  • Users can now view and access their organizations directly underneath their Profile card, making it easier to manage multiple affiliations or quickly switch to organizational settings.
  • Users can now navigate the entire Skilltype app from the header bar, streamlining site navigation and providing quicker access to all features and sections.


  • Feed on homepage failed to update with new content when user profile interests were changed. This problem led to a disconnect between users’ preferences and the content displayed on their homepage. Resolving this issue is vital for ensuring that users receive personalized and relevant updates.
  • Right sidebar no longer shifts position when filters are applied on home page. This enhancement brings consistency to the user experience, making it easier for users to navigate and filter content without disruption.
  • Members affiliated with an organization are no longer able to update organization photo. This fix allows organizations to maintain an up-to-date and professional profile, improving their visibility and brand representation.

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