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Training Lists and My Learning have arrived

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Training Lists and My Learning have arrived 

  1. Skilltype’s latest release 1.26 includes a new feature: Creating and Sharing Training Lists


Everyone on the Skilltype platform can create Training Lists based on Skilltype’s curated collection of resources for library and information professions. Training List items can be arranged like a music playlist, to queue up training to meet individual or team goals. 



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Training Lists are now available in Skilltype through My Learning 

  1. How can Skilltype’s Training Lists help you? 

    1. Create a personalized Training List for upcoming project, service or collection effort. Your Training List will be available for you in My Learning

    2. Save and curate training about the learning goals you set in your last review meeting, add a target date to the list title for some self encouragement. 

    3. Organize your learning in one place, My Learning, including your personal lists and any Training Lists shared with Teams that you belong to (Shared with Me). 

    4. Download a CSV file of your learning activity from My Learning > Completed to track and celebrate your own progress.

  2. How can Skilltype Training Lists help library Teams? 

    1. Team Managers can create a customized learning plan for each team by recommending items in a sequence to encourage skill development based on team or individual needs.

    2. Leaders or managers of library committees can create and share a List for any purpose such as getting ready for an upcoming system upgrade or service improvement project.  

    3. A library can create a Team for all new hires, and any manager of the Team can share a Training List of core learning resources that will be available any time new staff join the library. 

    4. Team Managers can view the team’s progress through each team’s Learning Activity tab. 

    5. Team Members will receive an email and a Skilltype notification to quickly access shared Training Lists. 

  3. Go to My Learning to Get started with Skilltype Training Lists


 Get started in My Learning to Create a new Training List 


Ask us or Tell Us how Skilltype is working for you, including My Learning: Contact success@skilltype.com 


5. What else is in Skilltype version 1.26?

  • Your Saved items are now called Bookmarks, you'll find them in My Learning

  • Bookmarks, Viewed and Completed trainings can now be found in My Learning alongside My Lists and Shared with Me 

  • If you are an Organization Administrator, your library’s Directory now includes Team affiliations. You can now easily scan who is assigned to which teams

  • Backend improvements for notifications and tag management were made 

  • Intermittent issues which interrupted the generation of Skilltype’s weekly Email Digest of training recommendations have been resolved 


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