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Changelog v.1.25

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Welcome to version 1.25, which includes enhanced Team management and a new search.


Multi-Manager Teams

In some organizations, departments, groups or committees may have multiple leaders. In version 1.25, it’s now possible to designate up to 3 managers for each Team in Skilltype to support distributed leadership models or situations where libraries are managing interim supervisory assignments.

To take advantage of this improvement, Organization Administrators can visit Teams > and select Edit to update any of the library’s teams.  


Skilltype Teams can now have up to 3 managers in version 1.25.


Faster Search API 

Skilltype’s search API has been improved, now powered by Algolia, which improves search speed and reliability. Algolia applies a high standard for privacy and security, aligned with the values of the library community. We look forward to delivering enhanced recommendations and searches in the future.  See more about Skilltype’s Privacy Policy and visit your Settings > Data and Privacy to view your personal Privacy Check. Are you interested in learning about API’s? Add Skilltype’s API tag and content for you. 


Version 1.25 includes a faster and more reliable search.


  • If you’ve searched for staff inside your organization with a particular skill or product experience, and viewed a staff member’s profile to learn more about them, their email address is now available in their profile so you can quickly contact them. 
  • The next time you log on to Skilltype, you will be asked to update your password. We’ve implemented new password requirements, with expiration after 90 days with more stringent requirements for password setting. This is part of our commitment to keep skills data secure. Contact success@skilltype.com if you have any questions. 

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Changelog v.1.27

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