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Changelog v.1.16

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V1.16 has a little something for everyone! Learners get weekly recommendations, can "complete" trainings, while managers can view learner profiles, and more! 
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Users have a totally revamped feed that starts with weekly recommendations.



Brand new home page: We heard loud and clear that the home page grew overwhelming with resources the more interests you chose. So we're introducing a new tabbed homepage with easy access to recommendations, upcoming events, saved items, completed items, and viewed items.

Weekly recommendations: Another way we're making the feed less overwhelming is by presenting 5 new resources for you each week. The idea here is that busy professionals only have time for one video or article per day. But overtime, it adds up to a nice amount of knowledge on a topic. Let us know how you would improve the recommendations you get!

Completed items: Another popular request has been to mark items as complete for your personal records, or to share with a supervisor. You can now mark the item complete from the drop down arrow, and view all completed items from your completed tab. In an upcoming release, you'll be able to download completed activity to a .CSV.

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View Affiliate Profiles: Organization managers can now view read-only versions of user profiles who share data with your organization. You can access their profiles from your organization's directory, talent audit, or insights tables.



  • Feed headers are now fixed while scrolling
  • Real-time status of organizations now reflected in affiliations picker on user profile
  • Most active tags (eg skills, conferences, products) now accessible on Browse page

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