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Why use Skilltype? Skilltype is developing an end-to-end talent management suite for the library and information science profession. Understand the talent in your teams, develop and grow expertise on-demand, and share expertise with your communities.


Comprehensive expertise ontology

At the heart of Skilltype is a proprietary comprehensive expertise ontology created from core competency frameworks and library product inventories. It currently includes over 500 competencies from across the library and information science profession. Information professionals use our ontology to create in-depth talent profiles. Organizations use it to establish their learning priorities. Training providers use it to describe their resources and opportunities.


Global training database

Skilltype aggregates and describes professional development resources and opportunities from around the world, creating the largest training database in the library and information science community. We describe each resource with our vocabulary, and dynamically create personalized learning and development plans for each person and organization. We currently have over 3,000 trainings from library conferences, professional associations, commercial vendors, open source communities, and growing.


Accessible user experience 

We partnered with the University of Cincinnati’s Accessibility Lab to ensure our user experience was compliant with the latest standards. Beyond WCAG, Skilltype only uses the most modern frameworks available for color schemes, fonts, layouts, and more. The app is designed for use from smart phones, tablets, or laptops. And we’re always open to feedback on how to continue improving your experience.


Real-world data model

Anyone can have a Skilltype profile and share their data with their organizations. Organizations can view data shared with them to make more informed decisions. Consortia can view expertise data across its diverse membership to facilitate connections. All data is real-time, automatically updated, with secure controls and permissions.


Modern policy framework

Everyone owns their data on Skilltype. You control what data you upload to Skilltype, who its shared with, and whether its forgotten after you leave. Same for organizations. We'll also send you your data of it as often as you want while you're with us. We've worked to comply with the most modern data privacy regulations around the world, and are always seeking additional ways to help people and organizations grow without sacrificing what matters the most.

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Responsible Intelligence: Analytics on Skilltype

Learn more about Skilltype’s approach to privacy and data collection in this free white paper