Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who owns the data on Skilltype?

Layman’s terms: Whoever created the data owns that data (e.g. user, their organization, or Skilltype). For instance, when a user creates a profile on Skilltype, they own their profile, retaining the right to edit, delete, grant or revoke access to anyone they choose. When a user affiliates with an organization, they are agreeing to share their profile data with that organization, from which the organization can retain a snapshot of the data as related to the organization’s Skilltype data. The user is able to revoke access at any time, at which point the user’s data is no longer updated in the organization’s dashboard. Skilltype LLC retains data kept on its platform for provenance, and owns data that it creates based on facilitating relationships across the data, but does not sell or provide access to user data third-parties. For more information on how Skilltype earns revenue, see “How much does Skilltype cost” in the FAQ.

Lawyer’s terms: See Skilltype Privacy and Data Use Policy at

How does Skilltype compare to Oracle, Workday, and other HRIS platforms?
Skilltype is a service designed for information professionals (e.g. librarians and library workers, IT professionals, office of research) focusing on deep niche attributes of information organizations on a college campus. Skilltype does not perform traditional Human Resources Information System (HRIS) functions such as org chart creation, job code management, ********** , Skilltype crowdsources data from users and the organizations they affiliate with to surface trends and facilitate talent-based transactions among these organizations (e.g. recruitment, skillsharing, professional development and training). If your organization is interested in leveraging data in an HRIS system within Skilltype, please complete the form on

How does Skilltype compare to job boards?

Does Skilltype integrate with other systems we store data in?

Not yet. But conversations around integrations are very active and fluid. The types of integrations we are currently considering include integrations to ease authentication, reduce effort of large data loads, and combining analytics to produce new insights. We take recommendations from organizations currently using Skilltype to manage talent. For the latest on our integrations work, we’d recommend tuning into the #integrations channel on our Slack workspace.

How much does Skilltype cost?

Does Skilltype sell advertising?

We don’t currently offer advertising, but are interested in discussing ways to promote products, services, programs, conferences, etc that fit within the natural Skilltype user experience, while respecting user privacy. If you are interested in promoting your organization’s offering on Skilltype, contact us at