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Changelog v.1.23

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Did you know that Skilltype's controlled vocabulary currently contains more than 107 skills, 124 products, 47 job roles and 284 conferences and professional associations related to the information professions?

In Version 1.23, we've made it easier to explore Skilltype's curated trainings with LIS-specific topics and to customize your recommendations.


Explore the skills, products, job roles and organizations that are important to library workers from Skilltype's reorganized Browse page.  


While the Skilltype team polishes an upcoming Learning List feature where team managers can create team-based learning plans for release in a few weeks, version 1.23 includes:

  • Library organizations can now create up to 100 teams to mirror the library departments, branches, committees or groups that staff work in every day.  
  • We've reorganized Skilltype's Browse page, from which you can explore Skilltype's library-specific controlled vocabulary to find skills and products; Skilltype expert curators highlight in-demand Featured topics so you'll find something new each time you Browse. 
  • When you're viewing topic feeds for skills or products in Skilltype, you can add interests to your Skilltype profile with a single click  to customize your Skilltype recommendations.

Add interests to your profile while exploring topics

In Version 1.23 of Skilltype, you can add a topic tag to your interests while viewing items in your feed or recommendations.


  • Menus and pages are now easier to navigate on mobile devices 
  • "Date of Completion" appears consistently across each learner's feed and recommendations  


Skilltype organizations can now create up to 100 teams based on the branches, departments and groups that staff work in each day.  

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