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Changelog v.1.8.2

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We're now experimenting with expertise data hygiene and introducing global skill counts.

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Searching for product expertise across your talent pool.

Feature focus: Data hygiene 🔧

This off-cycle update follows up on v1.8.0 by placing a cap on the amount of skills and interests people and organizations can add to their profile. The goal behind experimenting with data hygiene is to help each of us prioritize our limited time on developing the skills that really matter. Prior to this update,  it was difficult to maintain quality control of the recommendations Skilltype provided to users for training, and the recommendations we provided organizations for talent.


  • Personal limits on number of affiliations, skills, interests, priorities and product experience that can be added
  • Organizational limits on number of memberships, strategic directions, key skills, and key products that can be added
  • Organizations can now see the percentage of Skilltype users globally that have a certain skill or interest
  • Organization admins can now see email addresses of Skilltype users connected to their organization


  • It was too easy to mistakenly change a user's role in an org. We've added an "are you sure" dialog box prior to processing the change request.
  • Line breaks are now recognized in item descriptions

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Training Lists and My Learning have arrived

Training Lists and My Learning have arrived 

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Changelog v.1.25

Welcome to version 1.25, which includes enhanced Team management and a new search.


Multi-Manager Teams

In some organizations,...

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